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Are you embarrassed to wear open heel shoes? Does your significant other complain about you rubbing your dry rough feet on them in the bed? Well it’s about time you do something about it. Regular wear of Our Essential Gel Spa Heel Unisex Socks will help to restore moisture and hydration.

Essential Gel Spa Heel Unisex Socks (Pair)


Wash feet with warm water and dry. Apply moisturizer and wear socks. Can be worn during the day or overnight.

Nylon, breathable mesh, elasticity, gel. Durable for repeated use. Hand wash and air dry. 6.7in x 3.74 in.


Net Wt. 2 OZ/ 56.69g

WARNING : For Adult External Use Only. Choking Hazard! Keep Away From Children. If Any Pain, Discomfort, Rash, Or Irritation Occurs With Use, Discontinue Immediately.

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