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Dry dull skin…Sagging…Fine lines and wrinkles…Puffiness and dark circles under your eyes!!! Do you wish you could indulge in a daily spa facial without the spa facial prices? With this natural jade stone rigid face roller, now you can. This is the perfect addition to your Aquicki skincare regimen to not only keep your face looking toned and youthful, but to also stimulate collagen production, increase blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and increase the absorption of your facial moisturizer and the nutrients it provides. For best results, try out our three piece Essential Jade Stone collection.

Essential Jade Stone Rigid Face Roller


Step 1: Add product to your face

  • Cleanse your skin
  • Prep and clean skin by applying a serum or oil, being sure not to rub it in completely so that the jade roller can glide across skin without pulling
Step 2: Begin at the collarbone and neck
  • Start on the collarbone and gently to firmly roll from the midline of the body out to the edge of the collarbone
  • Move the roller up one step and make another line
  • Move onto the neck in a similar fashion. “When you get to the neck, continue this motion from the center line outwards and moving up the neck,”
  • Don’t forget to also target the sides of your neck and just under your jawline.
  • Press and move slowly up your neck and to the base of your chin.
  • This soft pressure gives your neck a stress-relieving massage, while also promoting circulation.
Step 3: Transition to your face
  • Using the same pattern you did on your neck and collarbone, roll from the corners of the mouth with an up and outward motion toward the ears and hair line.
  • Start on either side of your nose, pushing outwards as you roll.
  • A light touch is key to avoid damage and injury
Step 4: Use the small stone for your eye area
  • The added dexterity makes it easy to target puffy under-eye circles and feels cooling (especially in the morning).
  • Roll from the inner corner of your eye, outward (Do this as gently as possible as the skin under the eye is very delicate)
Step 5: Clean your roller
  • Sanitize your roller after every use
  • Rolling too aggressively and not cleaning your roller can irritate and/or damage the skin. Use gently and clean after every use to avoid damage, injury, and future breakouts.
  • To clean, use gentle soap and run it under warm water
  • Roll it out on a clean towel to dry.

Comes with one (3) Rigid Jade Roller

  • Material: Natural Jade Stone
  • Weight: 2 OZ/56.69g
  • Color: Natural variations of green
Instructions:Rinse roller after each use and pat dry.

  • Helps to brighten complexion
  • Helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles under eyes
  • Help to stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • Help to stimulate blood flow and oxygen for vibrant glowing skin
  • Helps to improve skin elasticity
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps to absorb moisturizers, creams, oils, and serums better

WARNING : For adult external use only. Choking hazard! Keep out of reach of children. Only use gentle pressure. Discontinue use it any discomfort. Do not use on any areas where skin is broken or has a breakout to avoid transfer of bacteria.

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