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These travel-size soap bars are perfect for on-the-go! The pack the same skin-loving nutrients as our  full-size bars, but in a convenient, compact size. Great for guests or to keep in your bag, these bars are the perfect addition to your skincare routine. The More You Buy…The More You Save!

Essential Variety Travel +
Guest Cleansing Soap Bars


For better lather and longer lasting bar, use loofah. Bars are marked which are for the face and which are for the body. If you choose to try a body bar on the face, please excersize caution as that area can be more sensitive than the rest of the body.

Each Bar is 2.2 inches in diameter and weighs approximately 1.35 OZ

To see all the benefits of the individual essential oils in this blend, please refer to our Learning Center located under the Products tab at the top of webpage.

  • Travel size bars to easily pack just enough for a shot getaway
  • Make your guest feel welcomed at home with their own bar of soap
  • Get the chance to try soap bars that are only available in this set
  • If you want a particular soap in a full size 5 oz bar, you can contact us directly via the Contact Us form located under the About Us Tab. For more information and specific instructions, click on the Custom, Specialty & Bulk Orders.

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Purchase this item and get 1-5 Points - a worth of $1.00-$5.00


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Guest Cleansing Soap Bars”

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