The Back Story

The Back Story

Being of Jamaican, Indian, and Chinese descent, a mother and her daughter founded Aquicki in early 2022 where they make and ship their products out of North Carolina. Though the Aquicki name may be new, understand what it is like to have both hair and skin that don’t fit into one specific category.  

Over the years, they have tried more than their fair share of products, most reaping the same results; watery with low viscosity, too greasy that it messed up clothes, too thick to rub in without feeling like you just finished arm day at the gym, or it absorbed so quickly that it looked like nothing was applied 30 minutes after applying it.

This got the ladies thinking… “We can’t be the only ones frustrated with trying product after product; many others must be going through this same frustration and could benefit from using our natural products.”

“When God blesses us with a special talent or gift, it is not meant to be dimmed or hidden under a rug for only our enjoyment. We are to use it to bless and be a blessing to others. It is our hope and prayer that our products reach those that have been struggling to find that product(s) that makes them feel good about their body, skin, and the way they see themselves. Sometimes it is the smallest thing that makes the biggest difference in one’s life.”

The founder of Aquicki and developer of its products did not stumble upon this by accident. This has been her calling long before she even knew. Click to read a short excerpt of what led her to all of this.

“Their fruit will be for food and their leaves for healing.” – Ezekiel 47:12